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New York City filed a $500 million lawsuit Tuesday against prescription opioid manufacturers and distributors, seeking to hold them accountable for their alleged part in the city’s drug epidemic, joining Orange County and other New York State counties (see, Orange County Sues Drug Makers and Doctors Over Opioid Addiction Crisis and Opioid Epidemic Lawsuits: Orange County and Other Local Governments vs. Big Pharmaand other municipalities nationwide (see, Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation Centralizes Lawsuits to Form Opioid Epidemic MDL (In Re: National Prescription Opiate Litigation, MDL No. 2804).

The lawsuit aims to recover expenses that New York City will incur in combating the crisis. In 2016, more than 1,000 people in New York City died of an opioid overdose, according to official data — the highest number on record.

The lawsuit alleges the opioid epidemic was caused by manufacturers’ marketing and by distributors sending prescription painkillers into New York City. That in turn placed a burden on the New York City for increased substance use treatment services, ambulatory services, emergency department services, inpatient hospital services, medical examiner costs, criminal justice costs and law enforcement costs.

The lawsuit also claims that manufacturers created a false perception that using opioids to treat chronic pain was safe and that the drugs’ benefits outweighed the risks by using a coordinated, sophisticated and deceptive promotion and marketing campaign, which began in the late 1990s and became more aggressive around 2006.

Mayor Bill deBlasio: “More New Yorkers have died from opioid overdoses than car crashes and homicides combined in recent years. ‘Big Pharma’ helped to fuel this epidemic by deceptively peddling these dangerous drugs and hooking millions of Americans in exchange for profit.”

First Lady Chirlane McCray, who leads the city’s mental health and substance abuse efforts: “[NYC] demands transparency and accountability from the nation’s largest opioid manufacturers and distributors who have profited from people’s pain.”

Over a dozen drug manufacturers and distributors are named in the multi-million dollar lawsuit. Drug distributors and manufacturers named in the lawsuits have said they don’t believe litigation is the answer but have pledged to help solve the crisis.

Defendant Purdue Pharma spokesperson John Puskar: “We are deeply troubled by the prescription and illicit opioid abuse crisis and are dedicated to being part of the solution … We vigorously deny these allegations and look forward to the opportunity to present our defense … As a company grounded in science, we must balance patient access to FDA-approved medicines, while working collaboratively to solve this public health challenge.”

Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. spokeswoman, Sarah Freeman: “Our actions in the marketing and promotion of our opioid pain medicines were appropriate and responsible … At the same time we recognize that opioid abuse and addiction are serious public health issues that must be addressed.”

Warwick, NY Working Together Discussion on Opioid Crisis

As reported in The Warwick AdvertiserWarwick Working Together is in the planning stage for a community discussion about the opioid crisis scheduled for March 9th at the Albert Wisner Library.

According to Family Central founder, Beverly Braxton:

We believe advocacy and grassroots efforts can make a difference in addressing the real nature of the threat communities like ours are up against.

Warwick Working Together is seeking citizens of our town who can give voice to the complexity of this health issue: the impact it has on the lives of individuals, families, first responders and health care professionals and how judges, law enforcement, town officials, social workers and recovery advocates are dealing with it.

It is our hope that many of you will consider participating, either as a panelist or member of the audience, in this important community conversation. Let’s learn what we can do together when we work as a community to reduce the stigma associated with the disease of addiction and focus on saving lives, by addressing the opioid epidemic through education, harm reduction, prevention, resources, and support.

Please contribute to our understanding about this growing crisis and what our community can/is doing about it.

  • How can communities, government, and law enforcement advance the laws and resources available?
  • What prevention tools and education is available?
  • How prevalent is first responder naloxone overdose reversal kits and training?
  • Is naloxone distribution and training available for the individual and family?
  • What services are supporting treatment and recovery?
  • Are their support groups for those experiencing loss?

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